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  • COMETS2 Jan. 2017
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  • World-first Matlab toolbox for 3D electric field analysis for transcranial DC stimulation (tDCS), which is being used by more than 50 international research institutes
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  • EyeBlinkMaster Aug. 2014
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  • Matlab toolbox for accurate detection of eyeblinks contained in a single-channel frontal EEG channel based on a new algorithm called MSDW
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  • BioEST-MEG Jan. 2007
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  • An MEG version of BioEST developed by prof. Im There are two different versions of BioEST-MEG: one for the analysis of SNUH MEG (BioEST-SNUHMEG v.1.0) and the other for the analysis of U of Minnesota MEG (BioEST-UMNMEG v.1.8) - available upon request
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  • BioEST May. 2003
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  • Software for EEG source localization based on minimum-norm estimation (MNE) applied to starndard brain atlas - available upon request

Demonstration Movies

    Facial Electromyogram-based Facial Gesture Recognition for Hands-free Control of ARVR Environment

    Deep-Learning-Based Real-Time Silent Speech Recognition using Facial EMG Recorded Around Eyes

    Hands-free Virtual Reality Avatar Control based on Facial Electromyography for Metaverse

    A Demonstration of Home Appliance Control System Using an SSVEP-Based BCI for the Elderly

    Novel In-Car Environment Control System Using an SSVEP-BCI with Visual Stimuli Presented on a HUD

    Real-time recognition of facial expression using facial electromyogram recorded from HMDs

    Communication with a completely locked-in patient using electroencephalography (EEG)

    Facial expression recognition system using facial electromyogram (EMG) for social VR applications

    Development of an Online Home Appliance Control System Using Augmented Reality and SSVEP-Based BCI

Old demonstration movies (2011 - 2017): Mostly in .wmv file format

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876146_2113.jpgNew EOG-Based Binary Communication System 2018.05.25

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876185_7429.jpgFacial EMG-based Lip Gesture Recognition 2017.12.01

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876216_8715.jpgEEG Global Sync. for Emotion Tracking 2017.10.15

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876243_8479.jpg(KBS) SSVEP-Based Emergency Call System 2017.06.05

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876273_4003.jpgSSVEP-Based BCI Applied to an ALS Patient2017.06.01

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875920_4679.jpgEye-Writing Using Electrooculogram (EOG) 2016.04.15 

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875954_5465.jpgEstimation of Repiratory Rate from PPG 2016.03.18

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875980_8418.jpgA Hybrid Mental Speller with a Webcam 2016.02.17 

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876034_4644.jpgAutomatic Thresholding for Eyeblink Detection 2016.01.05 

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693876064_1024.jpgReal-time Eyeblink Detection Algorithm 2015.08.01

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875075_053.jpgAn "Eyes-Closed" SSVEP-based BCI 2018.05.25

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875119_6861.jpgApplication to a patient with ALS 2013.02.17

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875177_8137.jpgReal-time Cortical Connectivity Imaging 2013.02.17

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693875210_7363.jpgDual-frequency SSVEP-BCI Stimulation 2013.04.02

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693874895_9039.jpgPresentation by prof. Im BCI Meeting2013 2013.08.29

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693874659_8824.jpgBCI - Mental Speller based on SSVEP 2011.05.19

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693874629_214.jpgBCI - Robotic Arm Control2011.05.19

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693874582_9274.jpgBCI - ASSR-based Communication Syst. 2011.05.10

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693874514_4698.jpg​BCI - Motor Imagery Traning System 2011.05.10

21605766a4c9d63fb21a2762d18bc411_1693873635_1282.jpgRealtime Dynamic Neuroimaging System 2011.05.10

Hardware Products

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  • 1e2479c819b8d7161c12edff172dc446_1692926310_0482.jpg
  • CoNEEG Aug. 2011
  • A portable EEG Amplifier powered by USB with active electrodes - This EEG system can support max. 32 channels. Technical transfer to BrainTech, co.
  • 1e2479c819b8d7161c12edff172dc446_1692926316_6922.jpg
  • C-IoN Apr. 2016
  • An ocular iontophoresis system that can be used to deliver charged nanoparticles into the eyes by transmitting small direct currents via surface electrodes.
  • 1e2479c819b8d7161c12edff172dc446_1692926323_621.jpg
  • CoNE-Stim Mar. 2011
  • A world-first 4-channel transcranial DC stimulation (tDCS) system that can generate arbitrary current waveforms to stimulate specific cortical areas noninvasively.