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Publication Updates
2022.03.09 21:21
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The following papers were published in SCI-indexed journals:


187. Ho-Seung Cha and Chang-Hwan Im*, "Performance enhancement of facial electromyogram-based facial-expression recognition for social virtual reality applications using linear discriminant analysis adaptation,"

 Virtual Reality, vol. 26, pp. 385-398, 2022. [Link] (IF = 5.095, 10%)
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186. Jisoo Ha, Seonghun Park, and Chang-Hwan Im*, "Novel hybrid brain-computer interface (BCI) for virtual reality applications using SSVEP-based BCI and electrooculogram-based eye tracking for increased information transfer rate,"

 Frontiers in Neuroinformatics, vol. 16, Art.No. 758537, 2022. [Link] (IF = 4.081, Q1)


185. Sangjun Lee, Jimin Park, Da Som Choi, Chany Lee, and Chang-Hwan Im*, “Multipair Transcranial Temporal Interference Stimulation for Improved Focalized Stimulation of Deep Brain Regions: A Simulation Study,”

 Computers in Biology and Medicine, vol. 143, Art.No.105337. [Link] (IF = 4.589, Q1)


184. Hodam Kim, Laehyun Kim, Dan Zhang, and Chang-Hwan Im*, “Classification of Individual’s Discrete Emotions Reflected in Facial Microexpressions Using Electroencephalogram and Facial Electromyogram,”

 Expert Systems With Applications, vol. 188, Art.No. 116101, 2022. [Link] (IF = 6.954, 10%)
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