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The following paper was published in an SCI-indexed journal.


137. Sungkean Kim, Ji Sun Kim, Min Jin Jin, Chang-Hwan Im*, and Seung-Hwan Lee*, "Dysfunctional frontal lobe activity during inhibitory tasks in individuals with childhood trauma: An event-related potential study,"

 NeuroImage: Clinical, vol. 17, pp. 935-942, 2018 [Link] (*co-corresponding authors)


The following paper was accepted for publication in an SCI-indexed journal.


138. Hodam Kim, Jihyeon Ha, Won-Du Chang, Wanjoo Park, Laehyun Kim, and Chang-Hwan Im*, "Detection of Craving for Gaming in Adolescents with Internet Gaming Disorder Using Multimodal Biosignals,"

 Sensors, vol. 18, Art.No. XXXX, 2018, to be published