Research Topics


Multimodal Neuroimaging

Real-time Brain Activation Monitoring & Imaging System

Dynamic Neuroimaging Software for Cognitive Neuroscience

Human Brain Mapping: Connectivity and Causality

Precise Noninvasive Localization of Epileptogenic Foci

Electromagnetic Bio-Impedance Tomography

Transcranial Electromagnetic Stimulation (TMS/tDCS)

Development of Techniques for EEG/MEG Source Imaging

Diagnosis of Psychiatric Brain Diseases Based on Quantitative Analysis of EEG Data

EEG-Based Brain Computer Interface (BCI) System

Medical Image Analysis

Bioelectromagnetic Field Analysis



Research Facilities



We have EEG Recording Systems (WEEG-32, BioSemi, g.tec etc.), 3D-digitizer (Polhemus Patriot), Human skull phantom, Various Measurement Equipments, etc.


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Computational NeuroEngineering Laboratory, Hanyang University