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(기사) OpenVibe2 출시

2012.08.19 03:51

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OpenVibe2 Offers Open Source Brain-Computer Interface Platform, Ubisoft Supports the Initiative


Forbes has reported that last week in Paris, at the Futur-en-Seine conference OpenVibe2, supported by INRIA, a French research intitute (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) and nine commercial partners including the video game publisher Ubisoft, showed off an open source software platform that enables researchers and game developers to design and test Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs).

The OpenVibe2 project brings together neuroscience, computer science, signal processing, ergonomics and video games.

In a BCI application adressed to children with ADHD, OpenVibe created a game that focuses on the part of the brain that’s related to non attention. The game is based in a classroom where there are a number of activities going on that can be controlled by the student if he focuses on that area.

In the game, there’s an out of focus cartoon playing. In order to view the cartoon, the student has to focus on the screen to control the viewing of the cartoon. The principle being if they don’t focus the cartoon, it stays blurry. The teacher in the game can also ask them to retrieve things from around the classroom, so again when they focus, the objects in the game move from one place to the other. All of the activity the student can control lets them score points in the game.

Watch the video below to understand how the new OpenVibe BCI game works.

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